The Easiest Way to Get Data Back on Mac
08.10.2015 15:58

Whether it is a system crash, power outage, or accidental deletion of a file; data recovery for Mac is possible. The process as to how to recover lost files on Mac will depend on several factors such as the amount of time that has elapsed since the file was deleted.

When it comes to data recovery for Mac, time is of the essence. The longer the span of time between when the file was deleted and the time it is being recovered, the harder and nearly impossible the task. This is so because once a file is deleted, the disk directory acknowledges that space as vacant and available to be overwritten. If the file that is lost/deleted has somehow been overwritten, then the recovery process will entail the use of a powerful data recovery software or professional forensic data recovery.


The very first thing to do when it is discovered that a file is either lost or deleted, is to stop using the disk or the computer to prevent overwriting. The next step involved in how to recover lost files on Mac is to check the Trash Can. If the file is there, then right-click on the file and select “Put Back” from the menu to restore it. However, if the Trash Can was emptied, then you might be able to locate it by using Mac’s Time Machine.

The Time Machine software backs-up all files on the Mac computer. Therefore, by checking the timeline (going forwards or backwards in time), you may be able to locate the file within a specific time period that corresponds with the approximate time during which the lost/deleted file was last saved.

As a last resort, most people use a third party data recovery software to try to locate lost or deleted files. In is important to note that a third party data recovery software does not have to be the last resort in the data recovery process but instead it can be your first line of rescue.

There are probably hundreds of data recovery software available for purchase and some are even free. Since hands-on experience is the best teacher, download two or three of them and test them to see how well they work for you.


It is important to note that no matter which data recovery software you choose, the original file names will be lost. Also, all data recovery software take some time to locate a lost or deleted file. The amount of time required depends on issues such as the volume of data the software has to scan through and the number of files it has to locate. When all is said and done, data recovery for Mac can be simple or complex, quick or involved depending on several factors.

Every Mac user should be proactive in learning how to recover lost files on Mac. It is certainly valuable knowledge that can help you or someone else out of a potential crisis situation in retrieving a lost or deleted file.

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